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Alice & Kevin met through a mutual friend and a few years later Alice moved in with Kevin and his parents to live at Fostings Farm in the little village of Kinnerton in Mid Wales. Fostings is a 90 acre hill farm that rears around 375 lambs and harvests crops of wheat and barley each year. Alice & Kevin understood the reality that the farm could not sustain them as well as Kevin's parents on traditional farming methods. So, to secure a future for themselves and the farm, a plan for diversification was set in motion and Hush Hush Glamping was born along with our other venture, Fostings Alpacas!

Despite not coming from a farming background, Alice has always been fascinated by animals from a young age and has worked with an interesting array of animals. She now works as a Web Designer in her own business, The Wise Owl, as well as running behind the scenes of Hush Hush Glamping and Fostings Alpacas. 

As a 6th generation farmer, Kevin has farming in his blood. He farms with his dad and brother, harvesting crops and tending to livestock. Outside of lambing and harvest season, Kevin can be found running his own agricultural contracting business, offering hedge cropping and fodderbeet drilling (planting) services to the local community.