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Our Alpacas

Fostings Farm, the home of Hush Hush Glamping, is occupied by our wonderfully inquisitive herd of alpacas. Our group of breeding females and their cria (baby alpaca) amble around both of the pods and surrounding fields at leisure. So, don't be surprised if you wake up to an alpaca or two outside in the mornings! 

Alongside Hush Hush Glamping, the Fostings Alpacas herd breeding programme is part of the farm’s diversification plan. We breed and rear cria to sell as weaning males, or as 3-year-old breeding females later down the line.

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How it all began...

With traditional farming becoming harder each passing year, we knew that we needed to diversify, as the farm was unable to continue supporting the family. We looked for animals that could be kept in much lesser stocking levels but still bring in income. Cue alpacas!

I had previously worked with alpacas and persuaded Kevin to attend an alpaca husbandry course at Amazing Alpacas in Monmouth. After both falling in love with alpacas, we made the decision to start our own herd here at the farm.

We purchased our first group of 4 alpacas back in summer 2018 from a local breeder. Since then, we have been busy growing our herd by welcoming cria each year, purchasing additional breeding females, and selecting stud males for the breeding programme.