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Recharge and Rejuvenate on our Digital Detox Retreat

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

In this day and age, many of us are guilty of social media overuse. It is scientifically proven that receiving likes, follows and other means of engagement on social media platforms releases dopamine; the same feel-good chemical that is released by gambling, drugs and sex.

Many people are constantly seeking this dopamine high and obsessively checking their profiles for new notifications. But living in this way is really unhealthy, as it can lead to us becoming disconnected from the world around us and taking our loved ones for granted. A digital detox every now and again is vitally important for good mental health; and a rural staycation is the ideal environment for some much-needed time away from our phones…

What is a digital detox?

To put it simply, a digital detox involves eliminating technology from your life for a short period of time, particularly in relation to smart phones and social media. The goal is to remove all background noise and distractions that these devices create, becoming more present and connected with the world around you.

Why do I need a digital detox?

Did you know that 'Uswitch’s 2022 survey has found that the average screen time among UK adults is now five hours per day in addition to any screen related work. This has increased by two hours a day since 2020'! This shocking statistic reveals just how reliant we can become on our electronic devices and the potential they have to completely take over our lives.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider a digital detox:

  • Mobile devices release blue light which reduces the production of melatonin (the hormone that regulates your sleep-wake cycle). This can make it harder to get to sleep at night and wake up in the morning.

  • Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram can cause us to compare ourselves to others with picture-perfect lives, leaving us feeling anxious, insecure and inadequate.

  • Excessive social media usage has been linked to anorexia and other body dysmorphia conditions in women.

  • Looking at pictures of others going out and having fun can cause FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), leading to feelings of loneliness, isolation and depression.

  • Too much time on social media can correlate with negative job satisfaction, high levels of stress and feeling overworked.

So, how can a digital detox benefit me?

Taking a digital detox can help improve many aspects of your life, including:

  • Better relationships

  • Higher levels of productivity

  • Better physical and mental health

  • Reduced anxiety

  • Better sleep patterns

  • Overall feeling much happier!

Go Glamping for your Digital Detox

Kick back and relax, without the added stress of any external distractions, during a short UK glamping break. As glamping sites are often situated in rural areas with incredible scenery and abundant wildlife, it is the perfect opportunity to disconnect from screens and reconnect with yourself and your partner. Although you may want to have your phone with you to take photos, try making a commitment to not spend time online during your staycation, and will instead focus on being present and living in the moment.


Here at Hush Hush Glamping, we are passionate about providing our guests with the ideal environment to complete a successful digital detox. Although we have Wi-Fi & Netflix, we suggest using these only for snuggling down and watching a good film together, after a day spent out in nature.

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