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Our Top 5 Recommended Places to Visit

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Mid Wales is a truly beautiful part of the world. With scenic rolling hills, wandering flocks of sheep and rural hidden gems, mid Wales provides the perfect location for a UK staycation destination.

At Hush Hush Glamping, there are so many fun experiences and adventures nearby to explore. Whether you are a keen adventurer or prefer to hide away in a cosy pub, there’s something for everyone here in mid Wales. Below you will find a list of our top 5 places to visit during your upcoming stay at Hush Hush Glamping…

Elan Valley is a stunning collection of man-made lakes, dating back to the early 20th Century. The dams, reservoirs and 73-mile aqueduct were built over a hundred years ago to supply clean water to the city of Birmingham; a truly epic work of engineering set within an area of outstanding beauty.

Elan Valley is a true hiker’s and photographer’s delight, located just a 45-minute drive away from our glorious glamping site. Situated just outside of the lovely Rhayader, the dams and reservoirs offer ample opportunities for walking and exploring; as well as providing much-needed protection to ancient species of flora and fauna.

The Aberystwyth Mountain Road is a picturesque old mountain road, heading out towards the spectacular Cambrian Mountains. If you’re already heading out towards Rhayader to visit the Gigrin Centre or Elan Valley, why not continue your journey on to Aberystwyth? The stunning route heads straight past the northernmost point of the Elan Valley, twisting through the Cambrian mountains, following the B4574 from Cwmystwyth to Devil’s Bridge, before heading to Aberystwyth via the A4120. Pull up on the seafront at Aberystwyth for a fish and chip lunch before heading back.

Just remember to check Google maps before setting off (and don't rely purely on satnav) as you want to take the old picturesque mountain road, not the new road which is less twisty, but nowhere near as breath-taking to look at!

Pygmy goats, tiny sheep, big sheep, donkeys and miniature horses and a collection of over 30 species of owls as well as many ducks and other waterfowl can be seen at the farm park. A 'hands on' experience is actively encouraged and you can even purchase food to feed the animals with as you make your way around. Under new ownership from 2022, we are excited to see the changes that the new owners will make.

Gigrin Red Kite Feeding Station is set upon a 160-acre family farm, inviting hundreds of stunning Red Kites to come and feed at their centre each day. The station boasts several hides, allowing you to watch the wonderful Red Kites as they go about their business. There are also specialist photographic points for keen photographers and artists to enjoy.

If you’re a wildlife lover (like us), Gigrin Red Kite Feeding Station is well worth a visit during your stay here. The Red Kite Centre overlooks both the Wye and Elan Valleys, and is just half a mile away from the pretty market town of Rhayader. The site also features a coffee shop, picnic site and farm trail, making for a fun family day out.

This list wouldn’t be complete without a lovely rustic eatery! The Cider Barn is a 450-year-old, Grade II listed barn at Dunkerton’s Cider Mill; serving divine meals and tasty tipples, all made from locally sourced Hereford ingredients, at affordable prices.

The Cider Barn is perched just outside the village of Pembridge in North Herefordshire. The 30-minute drive from Hush Hush Glamping is well worth it when you taste how divine the food is!

Explore Mid Wales whilst staying at Hush Hush Glamping

Swop city lights for starry nights & get away from daily chaos to peace and quiet at Hush Hush Glamping. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Wales - without having to hike anywhere or compromise on home comforts!

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