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Meet  your hosts

Alice met Kevin through a mutual friend and a few years later, moved in with him and his parents at Fostings Farm, situated in the little village of Kinnerton in Mid Wales. Fostings is a 90-acre hill farm that rears around 250 lambs and harvests crops of wheat and barley each year. Realising that the farm could not survive on traditional farming methods alone, Alice & Kevin set a diversification plan in motion; and so Hush Hush Glamping was born, alongside their other venture, Fostings Alpacas.


Despite not coming from a farming background, Alice has always been fascinated by animals and for over 15 years has been working with a wide range of both exotic and domestic species including hand rearing baby owls! Whilst getting Hush Hush Glamping on its feet, Alice qualified as a Project Manager before moving in to Virtual Assistant work, primarily offering web design and digital organisation before developing into an Online Business Manager role for a VA Agency in the coaching industry - that was in the evenings. Then by day worked at Local Council and at weekends worked alongside Kevin packing up to 1,200 eggs a day at a local chicken sheds. Amongst all of this Alice also worked with Kevin to begin their very own alpaca herd at Fostings Alpacas - I think it's safe to say Alice doesn't have an off switch! 

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As a 6th generation farmer, Kevin has farming in his blood.  After completing an apprenticeship in Agricultural Mechanics, Kevin returned to the family farm to work with his dad and brother, sewing and harvesting crops at home, as well as offering these contract services to other farms and tends to their 650 head of sheep and 10 cows. Kevin also runs his own agricultural contracting business, Trebanog Contracting, offering hedge cropping and fodderbeet drilling (planting) services to the local agricultural community. 

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