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Image by Gabriel Sanchez

Glamping near the Radnor Forest,  Wales

Radnor Forest, originally an enclosed hunting ground for royalty is now more famed for Water-break-its-neck Waterfall which is etched into its Jurassic landscape. Local girl Ellie Goulding, who grew up in Lyonshall, schooled in Kington and studied Music at Hereford Sixth Form College, filmed parts of her Your Song video at the waterfall.


The waterfall is located in Warren Wood, and is just 6 miles away from Hush Hush Glamping in Kinnerton. The wood was named after the labyrinth of rabbit warrens that kept the locals fed for centuries. Beeches, oaks and conifers planted in the 1800s provide immense scenery and fascinating walking trails meandering through the trees.


Legend tells that Radnor forest is home to the last dragon in Wales, who sleeps undisturbed in the forest. A ring of churches built around the forest, each dedicated to St Michael (the angel who defeated the dragon), are said to contain the sleeping dragon... 

Discover glamping near the Radnor Forest at Hush Hush Glamping.

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