What to Pack for your Glamping Staycation

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Packing for any holiday can be stressful – particularly if you’re a busy person (like me!) and everything gets left until the last minute. Packing for glamping can be especially challenging, as glamping sites can differ hugely; from basic sites that provide just the bare essentials such as toilets and a bed, to the more high-end luxurious sites that cater for your every need, there really is a wide array of options. It is certainty worth taking some time to plan what you will need to take with you for your upcoming staycation…

As Light as a Feather

We highly recommend packing lightly, as this will remove the need for lots of washing and unpacking on your return home. By packing lightly, you are in control of your belongings and they are much easier to carry around with you. Choosing outfits also becomes much simpler when you have less choice – and re-packing is of course 100x easier!

If you often struggle with packing lightly, make a note of where you are going, for how many nights and what you think you will need to take. Revisit this list a couple of times before packing, and try using a smaller backpack/holdall to limit overpacking. Don’t forget to keep in mind the type of bag you should use, as some glamping sites may require you to carry your luggage a short way to get to the accommodation.

Essential Packing for your Upcoming Stay

Of course, this will vary slightly depending upon which glamping site you are visiting and the level of amenities offered, but here is a basic list of what you should take with you for your glamping adventure.

Essential items:

  • Food and drink

  • Sturdy walking boots and/or wellies (if travelling in autumn/winter)

  • Sunglasses and sun cream

  • Waterproof coat (particularly if you’re visiting Wales!)

  • A selection of both warm and cool weather clothing (UK weather can be unpredictable)

  • Nightwear

  • Toiletries

  • Chargers for your electronic devices (if you decide to take them)

  • Backpack for days out

Additional luxuries:

  • Camera

  • Blankets for stargazing

  • Slippers/dressing gown

  • A good book

Things to Check Before your Stay

It is definitely worth finding out the answers to the following questions prior to your stay:

  • Are towels provided?

  • Is bedding included? (Sometimes you will need to take your own)

  • Is toilet roll provided? (You don’t want to be caught short!)

  • Are pets allowed?

  • What cooking facilities are available? Are they private/shared?

  • Is there a fridge or cool box provided?

  • Is the accommodation heated? (If not, you may need to pack some warmer clothing!)

  • Is there electricity in the accommodation? (This will affect whether you need to take battery packs, matches, torches etc.)

Spectacular Staycations at Hush Hush Glamping

If you are thinking of booking a glamping staycation this year, look no further than Hush Hush Glamping! Featured in The Daily Mail as one of the 5 best farm stay holidays across the UK and The Telegraph as one of the best back-to-nature UK breaks, Hush Hush Glamping provides the most scenic setting for a digital detox.

Hare’s Form is a beautifully-crafted glamping pod for two, nestled within a 90-acre family farm that overlooks the picturesque Radnor Valley and Black Mountains. The pod contains luxuries such as an en-suite bathroom complete with fitted shower, a small kitchenette with all the essentials to cook a tasty meal, a comfy Hypnos double bed and even a log burning stove!

Click here to book your staycation at Hush Hush Glamping. We hope to see you soon!

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